About Us

We are independently recognized as a top business decision insight firm.. We create futuristic, cutting edge, informative reports ranging from industry reports, company reports to country reports. We provide our clients not only with market statistics unveiled by avowed private publishers and public organizations but also with vogue and newest industry reports along with pre-eminent and niche company profiles.

Innovation is the key to success and it’s never been easy, but it’s getting harder. We know you need a supplier who can move quickly and is willing to go beyond traditional rigid approaches.

We are continually developing innovative approaches in market research. Our custom mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches results in a more meaningful and holistic view of our customers and their research journey.

Index Market Research conducts multinational studies on marketing strategy, market segmentation, product optimization, advertising testing, package optimization, new product concept testing and forecasting, website optimization, and customer experience optimization. The firm blends qualitative research, secondary data analysis, survey-based research, econometrics, and advanced analytics (modeling, simulation, and optimization) to solve the most difficult marketing problems.

Our database of market research reports comprises a wide variety of reports from cardinal industries. Our database is been updated constantly in order to fulfill our clients with prompt and direct online access to our database. Keeping in mind the client’s needs, The firm works across an array of industries, with concentrations in consumer packaged goods, retail, high technology, automotive, healthcare, and service categories. Teams of industry experts focus on vertical markets.

Our Vission

We understand the value of being an insights-driven company in a data-driven world. Our vision is to deliver actionable insights to assist you in achieving exemplary growth. Our Vision is to turn Data into Meaning. In a world awash in data, the challenge is to turn data into something meaningful, something that can be communicated simply and acted upon effectively

Our Mission

To provide our clients with in-depth, quantitative, and high quality market research analysis in order to help our clients make strategic business decisions for great success in future. We are on mission to provide trusted insights to our clients which will help them to Make the right decisions with forward-thinking insights, verified peer-driven research, and robust metrics and data.

Our Values

Being a value-driven organization, we strictly take care of following:

  • Client confidentiality
  • Timely delivery of reports
  • Integrity and accountability

Areas of Expertise

At Index Market Research, we have built our team with industry analysts, domain experts, and consultants, who leverage their global experience that help us deliver excellence in all projects we undertake. Index Market Research publishes over 100+ market research reports that provide data covering following aspects:


    As the established global expert in market research data, IMR optimizes your market research and decision making to drive business results. Rigorous consumer and B2B data collection, robust panel sampling via a variety of methods, recommendations on sample selection, integrated data solutions, and unique methodologies make us a partner you can count on. IMR is a leading global research and advisory firm committed to helping corporations, public sector organizations, and service and technology providers achieve operational excellence and faster growth.

    At Index Market Research, we cover both niche and established markets. We identify growth opportunities across these markets, irrespective of their age. We understand the value of being an insights-driven company in a data-driven world. Our reports will deliver actionable insights to assist you in achieving exemplary growth

    How are we different?

      • Most-detailed market segmentation in the industry.
      • In-depth analysis of patents and profiles of key market players providing a competitive landscape.
      • Market data for segments such as technologies, services & applications across geographies
      • level analysis of major market segments and identification of opportunities

      Our Clients

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