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As the established global expert in market research data, IMR optimizes your market research and decision making to drive business results. Rigorous consumer and B2B data collection, robust panel sampling via a variety of methods, recommendations on sample selection, integrated data solutions, and unique methodologies make us a partner you can count on. IMR is a leading global research and advisory firm committed to helping corporations, public sector organizations, and service and technology providers achieve operational excellence and faster growth.

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We are one of the largest independent custom market research companies in the world. Our global insights experience spans the Americas, Asia and Europe. We serve global Fortune 500 companies and other industry leaders.

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Our Service puts you in direct contact with our global analyst team.Our comprehensive and timely market reports help you understand marco trends and synthesize key insights to make data actionable.

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Cut through the noise with one-to-one guidence for the issues and opportunities that matter most.

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Make the right decisions with forward-thinking insights, verified peer-driven research, and robust metrics and data.


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